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Intersection speed cuts to ‘save lives’

Top speed limits at all WA traffic light intersections plus other interchange areas will be dropped to 70Km/h accross the next few years, as part of a State Government plan to prevent serious crashes. I had noticed that many roads that were previously 80Km/h had dropped to 70Km/h including the interchange ramp between Kwinana Freeway onto Roe Highway, roads in and around Rockingham such as Ennis Avenue, Mandurah Road, Patterson Road and Rockingham Road and a few others. These and others I have learnt, have been named as some of the 66 intersections to be altered this year. A further 40 will be addressed next year. So what do these changes mean for you and me, well to begin with, with many intersections having either red light or speed cameras or both installed, you have to be very mindful of the posted speed sign as this could drastically increase the chances of you receiving a combination of either a fine or demerits on your license. Also with slower speeds your journey times are going to increase slightly. These intersection speed changes have come about because figures have shown that reducing the speed limit will create a 15% reduction in those that are killed or seriously injured. So be aware of the posted speed limits both now and in the future especially around intersections

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