Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our frequently asked questions below…

What is the price from Pick up to Drop Off ?

This is our most common question we receive and all our pricing can be found at pricing page.

I cant see an available time slot for the appointment I am after ?

If the time slot you are after is less than 24 hours, this is because online self bookings has closed. If over 24 hours then the driver you are after is most probably booked out for another appointment and or time off.

There are never any time slots after 21:45 ( 9:45pm ) why cant I book for 23:30 say ?

A : Sadly this is a limitation of the booking software we use but the times are available. Please book for either 21:45 on that day or 00:00 the next morning and in Comments put the actual pick up time required and message us as well. We will alter appointment appointment to reflect the correct pick up time for you.

Why does online bookings close 24 hours in advance ?

We need this time to allocate jobs against drivers, issue out Tax invoices and receive full payment before the job goes ahead

Can I book less than 24 hours in advance ?

Yes, however with our drivers possibly driving , sleeping or just having general time off, messages may not be actioned sometimes for a few hours at a time and does make it difficult to accommodate late bookings but not impossible.

I’ve made my booking but it didn’t ask me to pay, how do I pay ?

Once we have checked driver and appropriate vehicles are available a Tax Invoice is then issued and sent out. Booking is only tentative until full payment is made so we advise customers to pay straight away to “Lock In” booking.

I’ve made online booking but have not paid and a few days later my booking has been cancelled and apparently the time slot has been given to another passenger ?

We work on a first paid basis on jobs. All bookings are tentative until fully paid so yes, it is possible for someone else to come along and if they pay first for the same time slot they secure the booking / time slot.

My regular driver is not showing available but another driver in the same service area is, can I book that driver ?

Yes absolutely, we try to allocate customers with the same driver they normally have but sometimes because of other bookings, holidays or prior commitments, this may not always be possible.

How many passengers can you comfortably transport?

As we have a 7 passenger seater Kia Carnival, we can transport from 1 to 7 passengers and their luggage.

I have searched through all your FAQ’s , pages on your website, but the question I have, I just cant find an answer to. How do I contact you guys ?

The best way is to message us is through our Contact Us page. 

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