Booking Policy for Vehicle and Driver

Customers can only book for vehicles via our Booking APP and require to set up a customer login through our booking platform.

Jobs cannot be booked less than 24 hours before the scheduled start time to allow driver to manage sleep time etc but we do request as much notice as possible.

Jobs cannot be booked more than two months in advance.

Go to pricing page to get pricing for Airport / Cruise & Perth trips , Wine Tours etc.

2. Go to Book Now to check availability and request a time slot.

3. Agree to our booking Policy by clicking “Okay” Button

4. Select the service you require paying particular attention to if you need a trailer or not. Please note that although pricing shows as Zero, Current pricing can be found on our pricing page

5. Select preferred Driver you wish to travel with, however please note that on the day this may change due to excessive bookings / sickness / holidays / running late. We will always try to allocate your preferred driver but can not guarantee this.

6. On Outward journey to Airports / Cruise liners etc, book time you require Driver needs to pick you up from your home address – NOT flight time / cruise time etc. On Return journey to Home, book time flight lands / cruise ship disembarks and supply flight number / cruise ship in comments as drivers monitor and adjust pick up times accordingly.

Details regarding Job Pick up address / time etc need to be explained in the custom fields:

Pick Up Address : Airport / FPT / Home/Work Address Etc

Drop Off Address / location

Trailer reqd – Are we using a Trailer during this Job?

Other Details:Here you can stipulate other particulars such as baby seat / access pick up via a specific road or gate etc / access code for gate is XYZ etc or perhaps notes such as “Holiday location is secret do not discuss final location etc”

Once job is confirmed, we will update the Job with the final amount and email you back with a Tax Invoice. Email provided on booking profile must have email that you access all the time as this is how Tax Invoice is sent. If you are not satisfied with that price you are free to cancel the appointment through the booking portal.

All invoices are “DUE NOW” and must be paid via the invoice payment option via Credit Card online only. A reminder invoice will be sent out 1 and 3 days after the original invoice and failure to pay after the second reminder may mean that the job / tax invoice will be cancelled and the time slot opened for other jobs.

Appointments not paid five days before Appointment will be issued a final reminder but if this reminder is still not paid in full within 24 hours of issue then Tax Invoice will be cancelled along with the booking and the time slot opened to others to book.

Any problems please contact us through our Facebook Page inbox and we will get back to you as soon as possible : Contact Us

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